The hottest Mile End escorts

By | April 11, 2017

Where do you find the hottest brunettes in town? As we all know there are many blondes desperately running around trying to change their hair color. Men are not that interested in blonde escorts any more. Brunette escorts are now the hottest commodity in town.There are many different places where you can find gorgeous brunettes escorts, and some of the hottest are in New Cross.

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When you contact any escort service, it is important to let them know what type of girl you are looking for. Most of them have a good selection of escorts on their books, and if you are lucky the brunettes once will be free.As a matter of fact, many agencies now seldom get requests for blondes. Brunette escorts certainly are hot property.

Interestingly, brunettes are more popular than any other hair color in many cities around the world.Perhaps it is part of a fashion, or could it be that men think that brunettes are smarter.Brunettes do have a tendency to look really classy and this could be one of the reasons behind why so many men have changed their tastes in escorts.Agencies in New York are now telling their blonde ladies to change their hair color, and it makes you wonder how many escorts are just going back to their original hair color.

There are more brunette escorts in New Cross than anywhere else. It is a bit of curiosity but New Cross is such a melting pot. Many cultures and nationalities come to New Cross to work and live, and this could be one of the reasons behind the higher number.Could it also be that New Cross escorts like to set a trend, and be the first to change from blonde to brunette?

Fashion magazines have also inspired many women to change their hair color. There are a lot of less blondes on the pages now than there were two or three years ago. This could be another reason for the change of style.Models and movie stars do after all influence our lives, and Julia Roberts did a lot to make brunette escorts popular. I wonder how many men think about her when they book an escort for the night. Perhaps, they would like to do a bit of role play and they fancy spending the night pretending to be Richard Gear. Men can take fantasies to extreme levels and some of the may even go out and rent a Lotus for the night. Richard did after all drive a Lotus in the movie Pretty Woman. But, I wonder how many of them would consider renting a private jet?So, if you are looking for brunette escorts, you had better come to New Cross as there has always been something special about New Cross escorts.They are not only fun to be with but many of them are well educated, smart and sophisticated as well. New Cross girls seem to have always held a certain appeal to the more upmarket client, and perhaps that is why so many of the return to New Cross again and again.

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