How to cope as single escort

By | May 8, 2017

It is not always easy to manage your life when you work for an escort service. Before Is tarted my new role here at Bury Park escorts, I used to work for an escort agency in Berkshire. It was great, but I was not really busy enough to turn it into a full time job. In the end, I decided to leave and I found this job with Bury Park escorts. Moving to this part of London was a big decision as I am a bit of a country girl, but I was glad that I did it in the end. Things are finally working out for me.

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When I first arrived in London, I did not know a lot about the place. I had been into London shopping on a couple of occasions, but you can say that I had ever lived in a big city like London. Newbury where I am from, is a rather small place and does not feel anything like London. Fortunately a lot of the girls at Bury Park escorts were really friendly and helped me a lot. Now I am rather beginning to feel better about things.

The hours that the girls who escort for Bury Park escorts work, are much longer than the girls in Newbury used to work. That was the first thing that I had to get used to. In Newbury, most gents wanted to meet up with us on the weekends, so we were a lot busier than. Here in London, it seems that gents would like to meet you any time or day, and I am finding that I am working a lot longer hours. It makes you tired, but you do earn more money at the same time. I really do enjoy working here and I am sure that I will do a lot better.

Most of the girls here at Bury Park escorts share an apartment. It was not something that I wanted to do, so I have found my own place. It is only a small studio flat, but it will do me for now. I have my own place in Newbury, but I am renting that out and not touching any of the money. Hopefully if I live a rather frugal lifestyle here in London, I should be able to get my own place one day. It would be great to have my own house or apartment in London as well.

It is hard to cope with the hours that you have to work for Bury Park escorts. Even though I have been with the agency for about six months, I am still struggling with the nightshift. In Newbury, we did not really have a night shift at all, and I am sure that a lot of the girls here would like not to have a night shift. But the night shift is really busy, and I think that is the time when you make most of your money. Working in London is a challenge and you really do have to sacrifice your personal time and interests. That is really the only way you can cope when you want to live and work in London as a single escort.

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