How to get in touch with your inner tart

By | May 11, 2018

Should escorts be tarty? I am not sure what is happening in the world of escorting anymore. When I first started to escort for our local escort service here in London, most gents wanted to date sophisticated escorts. Now all of that is changing, and gents seem to be looking for tarts one again. Do we have tarts at Yes, we do have some girls at the escort agency in London who I would call complete tarts.

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I have never really been a tart, and during me time with the escort agency in London, I have been doing mainly business dating. Now it seems that I am going to have to change my ways and try to get in touch with my inner tart. I am not sure how I am going to be able to do that, and I am kind of looking towards the tarts at London escorts to see how they manage it.


Do I need to change my dress code to become a tart at London escorts? I have some really nice clothes in my wardrobe, but I am not sure that they are in line with working as a tart for the escort agency. Perhaps I should ditch my nice clothes and invest in some cheaper gear instead. For instance, I could try shopping in places like Top Shop an Dorothy Perkins. They do a whole range of cheap and cheerful clothing which may be ideal when you are trying to be a tart.


I am used to doing outcall escorts services for London escorts, and I have noticed that most of the tarts at the agency are really into outcall. Some of the men I date at the moment seem to prefer incall services, but I need to try to move away from that, and focus on outcalls. It could perhaps be a good idea for me to update my profile and let men know that I now have a different outlook on escorting.


Will it be difficult to change? It can be hard to change, but I have had plenty of experience since I joined London escorts. I am pretty sure that I will be able to adapt successfully and that is not going to be a problem for me at all. It is just a matter of getting on with it and making sure that you find the right dating styles which suit you. Will I be happy as a tart? I am sure I will be happy. But I do wonder what kind of men you date when you are a bit of a tart? Are they rich or poor? It will be interesting to find out. It could be that I will do well, but I have told the boss that I can’t afford to drop my rates. I really need to focus on staying professional, and maybe there is room for a professional tart in the escort service in London. It could be a lot of fun being a professional tart.





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